MISSISSAUGA, ON, and BURNABY, BC, April 1, 2010 — On April 1, 2010, Cantest Ltd., BC’s leading environmental, pharmaceutical and food lab, will officially change its name into Maxxam Analytics. The objective of the acquisition has always been to produce a growth stage in British Columbia”, describes Maxxam President & CEO Jon Hantho.

We firmly believe in the value of providing our customers with a comprehensive service offering and a powerful presence in the market. Maxxam Analytics is Canada’s largest independent analytical laboratory solutions business, with experience in ecological laboratory services, petroleum services, food security and sciences, and pharmaceutical, forensic and DNA solutions. The business has about 1,800 employees and runs at 30 lab and support center locations.

OMERS Private Equity investment plan comprises the energetic ownership of companies in North America and Europe. It provides retirement benefits to over 390,000 present and former workers of over 900 municipal authorities, school boards, libraries, fire and police departments, children’s aid societies, along with other regional agencies around Ontario.

Beneficiaries of the kind of massage have also experienced improved blood flow, improved flexibility and balance, reduced instances of depression, diminished pain from arthritis, carriage progress and overall wellbeing. Geriatric massage was reported to function excellently in touch-deprived older customers. When going to this massage center, the older clients are generally accompanied by a individual well known to them for your first trip.

This lets them relax and be comfortable during the procedure. Covering a region measuring 464.08 square km Winnipeg is the largest city in Manitoba along with it being the capital of this prairie province. Its energetic transportation infrastructure makes it readily accessible especially from the northern communities and the individuals who reside in rural Manitoba.

Most significant of all is that it’s world class facilities for massage offering a number of massage services. This is only one of the famous massage treatment Winnipeg centers. Its assignments centers on supplying optimal body recovery and renewal ability. They do so via an expert application of remedial practices and maintain them through individual education and rehabilitating campaigns.

A few of the services provided here include taping, therapeutic massage, hot stone massage, sports massage, couples massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue massage and stress reduction massage. This really is a first class massage practice which has certified and knowledgeable staffs who’ve worked in the business for several decades.

Additionally, this facility provides a broad selection of massage treatments including occupational therapy, sports, automobile and work injury massage solutions, acupuncture, neck and back pain relief services. Additionally, Corydon includes a group of nutritionists who guidance clients on the most effective possible combinations of meals which promise them complete healing.

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This really is a head, body and soul store that provides professional massage therapy services. Each Winnipeg massage therapist that works here has finished the 2200 hour program and is registered to practice in the broader Manitoba province. The massage services provided here include sports massage, hot stone massage, couples massage, deep tissue massage, pregnancy massage aromatherapy massage and Swedish massage.

The practice centrally situated along Corydon Avenue for ease of access. This facility features massage and physiotherapy services for individuals in Winnipeg. Its place in the vibrant area of Kenaston Common close Costco and Joeys makes it available. Unlike other massage clinics, Kenaston Common Physiotherapy has therapy alternatives for many individuals irrespective of age and way of life.

They have state of the art equipments which ease an entire rehabilitation ensuring that you just get back to your feet. It provides tons of services like joint mobilizations, orthotics Massage Treatment, stretching and strengthening, soft tissue massage, athletic and neuro-proprioceptive taping among more. This massage and physiotherapy clinic boasts of a number of the very skilled and experienced massage therapists Winnipeg.